Knowing is half the battle


Any tech can picture this common scenario. A client calls you telling you that their e-mail is not working, their domain name expired, their internet is down, or any number of other problems. What do you do? Most techs will start the process of trying to find out who to call and how to reach them. I have seen many instances where it takes longer to figure out who the ISP is and what their phone number is than it does to actually solve the problem. You might need to add an entry in the network scanner and you don't know the admin login. What turns into a 2 minute routine support call now takes much longer while you search the internet or call the vendor to see if they have the login credentials.  Not only does this take more of your time, it doesn't make you look very good to your client. These forms will eliminate those problems. All of the information you could need will be available quickly and easily once you start utilizing these forms.

These forms are in fillable pdf format. You can fill the form out and save them with whatever naming convention that you decide on. Of course, you can also print the forms and fill out by hand when on-site at a client's location.

The forms have been designed for quick information when needed. These forms are for techs. This is not an exciting product, they don't have a pizzazz about them, and they are not very pretty. These forms WILL do their job of getting you informed and being able to provide quicker, better support for your customers.

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Click here for the router form

List of Forms

Network Overview

Physical Server

Virtual Server

Satellite Office

Remote Access Overview

Remote Access User Details

ISP Info

Domain Name




Wireless Access Point


Line of Business Application

Network Printer/Scanner

Hardware VPN

Hosted e-mail


and more to come as needed!