I don't know if they are frequently asked, but they are questions none the less.....

What is with the "pictures on file" check box on some of the forms?

Those are there on any form that something physical exists to take a picture of. Pictures are very helpful when trying to walk a user through something remotely or just to document in what state you left something.

There is no place on the router form to enter the wireless info.

Use the wireless access point form for that. There are two reasons for this. First, there is not enough room on one form to fit all the information. Second, most business routers do not have built in WiFi. Even the ones that do have built in WiFi, the router and the access point are different components. If you would rather put that on the router form itself, there is always the "notes" section.

There is something on my router that I need to document and it doesn't quite fit in the forms anywhere.

You have two choices. First, use the "Notes" section included (which is on every form) or contact us about a custom form. This answer also applies to every variation of the question, such as "something on my server" or "a setting for my hardware VPN".

How do I handle the form for a client that has multiple offices and a different ISP for each location?

Fill out one ISP form for each location. Save it as location-isp, or client-location-isp, or whatever you choose.  This is also the answer to the question of multiple anything at an office, such as multiple printers, scanners, wireless access points, etc. Furthermore, each location should have a dedicated folder with all forms relevant for that location in it.

What do I do with the forms once I fill them out? How do you recommend I organize these?

I recommend having a folder structure by client name. For example, top level folder named "Clients". Under that "Client 1", "Client 2", "Client 3", etc. Under "Client 1" you may have "Main Office", "Satellite Office". etc. For the form itself, I would name the router form for "Client 1" at the main office something like "Client1-router-mainoffice". If you asked this question of 10 people, you would probably get 10 different answers.  

Why do you have "On UPS?" on some of the forms?

Two reasons. First, to remind you to check that when doing the hardware inventory/discovery. Second, if the client does not have a UPS on hardware, this is great time to sell them one.

Do you charge clients for filling out these forms?

That is up to you. If you are doing discovery for a new client, I would. If you are doing this to better organize yourself for existing clients, I would not.

I have a recommendation on how to make a form better.

Great! Send them to me. If I agree, I will add it to the form and make it available to everyone with a newer version number. I will also keep the old versions around for those who don't like the change. If I don't agree and you want the change, we can talk about a custom form.

What's up with that "Passwords" form?

That is actually my favorite form and the one I use the most often. That is great for quick access to passwords for router, domain login, printer admin login, etc.  You can use each box for free form text to document whatever you want. For example, you could put: domain admin username- networkadmin / password or Sharp printer at username/password. Yes, this information would also be recorded on other forms, but I use this one just to pull up passwords.

What about a software VPN? How do I document that?

Use the LOB form for the software client that you install on the client computers. That would be considered a line-of-business application. You could also use the notes section for the router or server set up.

I don't like the way the forms show a shaded box for the parts of the forms that are fillable.

Nether do I, so I turn off "Highlight Existing Fields" option in the top right of Adobe Reader. Other pdf readers have similar options.

Couldn't I just make these forms myself?

Of course, but why spend the time designing the forms and the money on the software to make the forms fillable? These are already done and ready to go! This is a matter of "What is your time worth?"

How much are custom forms?

That depends on what you want done. It is hard to give a number without knowing specifics. If you know what fields you want, for a one page form, probably in the neighborhood of $5 - $10.